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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 10, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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freeze again this morning. it has been day after day of very cold temperatures down to 26 in concord right now. 24 in napa. and 24 degrees in santa vow s. the good news -- rosa. the good news is the cold snap will soon come to anened. >> thank god for seat warmers. everything is good coming into san francisco. but we're getting word of a new accident on the opposite end. southbound 101 near eastbound 80. all the details on that coming up. >> thank you liz. well happening right now, tens ofthousands of people and several world leaders including president obama honoring nelson mandela in south africa. you're looking at live pictures from the world cup soccer stadium in sew wee toe. the people who braved the weather danced and sang in the rain today. during the speech, president obama urged to world to act on mandela's legacy. >> around the world today, men and women are still in prison for their political beliefs and
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are still persecuted for what they look like and how they worship and who they love. that is happening today. >> first lady michelle obama along with former presidents george w. bush, carter and bill clinton accompanied the president to the funeral this morning. the south african embassy in washington, d.c. will also hold a memorial service for the late leader this week and a group of bay area kids were invited to sing this week. kpix 5's christin ayers introduces us to the choir. >> reporter: as beautifully as he sings for oakland's pacific boy choir academy, eighth grader aaron sanchez speak just as beautifully about the moment he found out that nelson mandela just died. >> a voice of the world has just gone away and never hear it again. >> reporter: hit hard at this school. >> we have a special connection with south africa. >> reporter: the boys' choir has traveled the world but it
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was a trip to south africa in 2009 that ninth grader brendan singer says had the greatest impact. they traveled to nelson mandela's home. >> being in his house -- seeing where he stood like where he got all his great ideas and -- >> reporter: they learned to sing. songs that the choir will reprise on thursday when they travel to washington, d.c.. the south african embassy has invited the boys to sing at the national cathedral to commemorate the life of nelson mandela. >> this is something that transcends performing. >> i can help other people who -- be mourning, like -- uplift their spirits. >> reporter: the boys say they have no fear. they're performing as -- their performing has prepared them well. >> we say heart of fire, brain of ice. you know sing with passion and don't get scared. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5.
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>> the body will lie in state until friday and an official funeral on sunday in his hometown village. a two day hearing that was to begin into the deadly july plane crash at the san francisco airport it's been postponed in washington, d.c. because of the hazardous weather conditions. the ntsb is looking into whether the pilots relied too much on computer systems when the asiana airlines plane approached the run way. the crash killed three girls and injured nearly half of the 307 people aboard. >> automation is becoming a growing concern globally in aviation. there are situations you can get into where in certain cases, the automation might do something that you don't expect or it might not do something that you expect it to do. that may have been the case here. >> the ntsb hoped to finish the full investigation by next july. some developing news in san francisco. firefighters have spent the night watching a smoldering fire at a recycle warehouse. the facility just off of
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highway 101 right across from candlestick park. it broke out around 8:30 last night and burned for a while and extremely smoky conditions continued on for two and a half hours after if fire began. firefighters tell us that made attacking the flames very difficult. >> the largest challenge we have of this fire right now is because of being inside this large warehouse is the smoke. we're having to rotate crews in and out and go through a lot of bottles while they're in there working the rubbish pile. >> firefighters say there isn't structural damage to the building. no other buildings were threatened and there are no reports of any injuries. bitter cold temperatures continue to grip the bay area. some deaths are now being blamed on the freezing weather. people are being told to limit time outside but as betty yu shows us --
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>> reporter: our week long affair with the cold isn't over just yet. >> layer and layers and layers. >> i have a really long coat on and this scarf matching with this hat. >> reporter: for yet another night, they broke out the winter gear in downtown san jose. it means big business for souvenir shops discover san jose. >> we sold out of our -- all of the gloves. sold out probably in two days. and we've sold out of a couple of the sweatshirts. and -- or hoodies. and we are selling benes like they're going out of style. >> reporter: for those in their homes pg and e says the demand for gas is breaking records. the amount used is double what it normally sees and since six deaths are now being linked to the cold, more homeless people are refusing to brave the frigid temperatures. >> oh it scares me because i don't want to die. not that way. >> reporter: operations at south bay cold weather shelters are expected to return to normal in a few days. but for some, it won't be too hard to make that adjustment.
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>> oh no. no. no no. my wife and i we've been to alaska so this is nothing. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> one bay area elementary school didn't have heat for a week during this cold snap. a heater broke at community united in oakland last monday. and it didn't get fixed until yesterday. about 100 students were affected. all right, raise your hand if you have to pull out the icescaper this morning -- scraper this morning. >> i couldn't find my scraper. i needed to but i couldn't find it. >> that's why you got here about five minutes ago wasn't it? >> about ten. >> me either. we have some changes coming in the way and it looks like this will be the last real cold morning. otherwise, the temperature is going to start to moderate just a little bit. still out the door we go. it is clear and cold. a frosty start to the day and yeah you may be chipping some ice off the windshield as well as the temperatures down into the 20s and 30 end zone many
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spots again. 36 concord. 29-degrees in livermore and san jose and a mild 40 degrees compared to everywhere else in san francisco. freeze warnings are up once again this morning until 9:00. looks like we reissue them again overnight tonight and tomorrow morning but mainly for the exterior valleys. with that in mind we'll have a nicer day ahead. the temperatures milder by the afternoon. in fact about 56 degrees in san jose. 52 in livermore and still a little bit cool there and 54 degrees and sunny skies all the way to the coastline. now the cb crest traffic now with elizabeth. breaking bath news, there are delays right now on trains heading from san francisco out towards the east bay. we just got off the phone with b.a.r.t., there is some sort of power issue. now the daly city station. so that's what's causing the delays right now in fact there's no direct service to dublin from san francisco. so see the blue line there on the screen? they think this could cause
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delays in the commute direction to san francisco as well. so we'll continue to watch it again we're just getting word. but we'll keep you posted throughout the morning. if you are hitting the roads this is what it looks like right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. everything is quiet coming into san francisco. i had mentioned the accident, actually service a stall. eastbound -- it was a stall. no big issues and obviously no major delays but this morning you can still cruise right past it. the san mateo bridge traffic also moving at the speed limit this morning. but once again b.a.r.t. delays from san francisco to the east bay. and i'll toss it back to you guys with the latest news. thank you. san diego's ex-mayor is now serving three months on house arrest for harassing women but before the judge handed down the sentence, bob filner apologized. >> i want to apologize to my family who have stood by me through this ordeal. to my loyal staff and
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supporters, to the citizens of san diego. and most sincerely, to the women who i have hurt and offended. to all of you, i make the same promise that i made to my family. to earn back your trust. >> filner was also sentenced to three years of probation. he pleaded guilty to one felony and two misdemeanors in connection with kissing and groping women against their will. a man pleaded not guilty in a high-profile san francisco murder case. 21-year-old ronnie collins is accused of luring the victim to san francisco by offering to buy a video game console from him. the victim ikenna uwakah of daly city was shot. he had posted the playstation 4 for sale online. police hope to surveillance video will lead to the arrest of a thief there. it shows a man stealing a package from the front porch of a home on rolling hill way. the theft happened during the evening of saturday november
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30th. oakland police want you to watch out for this suv. cops say two guys stole it and used it in several armed robberies yesterday morning between 63rd and 66th street. it's a 2009 black toyota venosa ll. there's a $7,500 reward for information leading to an arrest. 4:40 right now. a bizarre protest against google at a san francisco bus stop and it's gone viral. >> i can pay my rent. can you pay your rent? can you pay -- well then you know what why don't you go to a city where you can afford it? >> a dozen protestors blocked a google bus in san francisco's mission district yesterday. they're upset that private buses are using muni stops without paying a fine. as for the guy yelling, he's a union organizer. it was all just a stunt. most recent b.a.r.t. strike could be the last one ever. state senator republican leader bob huff is proposing legislation that would ban public transit workers from walking off the job.
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in a statement he said shutting down public transit is neither safe for is it fair. a senate will consider the bill next month. a david and goliath fight to keep the feds from paving over a slice of bay area paradise. but now as joe vasquez shows us a group of nays are claiming strict hi -- neighbors claiming cricket industry. >> reporter: tourists are overwhelming mere woods and the winedy roads are also dangerous as people often have to park quite a distance away and then hawk along the narrow sold -- walk along the narrow shoulders. the park service came up with a plan. building a parking lot along panoramic highway. some of the neighbors say that's just wrong. just like the song it's paving paradise to put up a parking lot. >> back off. it's time to back off. >> reporter: neighbors spoke up as they did in this public hearing tonight and the national park service told kpix 5 today that now the panoramic
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parking lot is no longer being issued. quote -- >> i'm encouraged by today's announcement. it means they are listening. >> reporter: the fight is not over. they want to know more about other park service plans or a bus shuttle service or the bus reservation system. joe vasquez, kpix 5. 900,000 people visit mere woods each year. about 80% come by car but only 150 parking spots close to the entrance. the strongest evidence yet that water existed on the red planet. the new discovery coming up. >> it's called the instagram diet. how looking at all the photos may help you lose weight. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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causing major problems on t roadways. wisconsin had the harsh weather causing much of the nation has been causing major problems on the roadways. wisconsin had numerous crashes including this 40 car pileup sunday in milwaukee county.
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there were no major issues in this incident. but there were some fatal crashes elsewhere in the state. as for today, the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning for the eastern seaboard and -- that includes philadelphia, washington, and baltimore. well, it was all fun and games until amusive snowball fight got out of cell. a group of students at the university of oregon started it up in eugene. they pelted cars and each other here. when one got out of his car he got a bucket of snow to the face and he wasn't the only one targeted either. >> kind of scary because it was very much like a mob mentality. because of the sort of wave they were approach ughs, sort of aggressive. -- approaching us, sort of aggressive. i didn't want to have to confront him. >> police are looking into whether a crime may have been committed. a snowball fight? >> crime. >> crime. i know. >> snowball fight. >> a little too much. >> i know but you never want to get your professor. >> with a bucket of --
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>> i wanted to get a couple of professors. >> i know but he controls the grades. >> i know right after you got your grades. that's true. very cold around the bay gray again. i think today the last real cold day. still chilly temperatures tomorrow but it looks like the deep freeze will start to wind down for the bay area. the offshore winds and very dry conditions. dew points down in the teens and the 20s right now. clear skies out over the bay. and those cold temperatures continuing this morning. 26 degrees in concord. 29 in san jose. and 24 degrees in santa rosa. throughout the day today we'll see plenty of sunshine and this temperatures going to start to warm up. high pressure now building in so slow warming over the next couple of days. maybe a couple of low 60s by tomorrow. and you know what? we could see some 70s as we head in toward next week. some big changes coming our way. you can see now high pressure beginning to build in just a little bit. that's sending the arctic air mass a little further to the east and i think by tomorrow begin to feel some of the warmer temperatures especially in the afternoon hours around the state a little bit warmer
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as well. 58 degrees expecting with sunny skies in the monterey bay. 50s in the central bay. tahoe warming up today to 44 degrees. as we head in toward the afternoon today, you'll see a couple of high clouds drifting in late in the evening hours. that may also help to keep up the temperatures just a little bit. numbers wise, plan on 50s in the south bay and even 40s and 50s in the interior valleys where it's been very very cold. inside the bay, 53 in san francisco. next couple of days some warmer weather on the way and you know what? over the weekend, how about this? temperatures well into the 60s and some places near 70 degrees next week. won't that be nice liz? >> the heaters will finally get a break. thank you lawrence. all right we have a kcbs traffic alert we're watching right now. this time it is countercommute into the no direct service out of san francisco. to dublin pleasanton. the blue line you see this on your b.a.r.t. map. the problem is a power outage near the daly city stop. that electric third rail. they are working on it now but
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in the meantime expect delays out of san francisco towards your east bay stops and again no direct service out of the city towards dublin pleasanton. the rest of mass transit is on time. caltrain, ace, we still don't have any idea where they can peck up the b.a.r.t. issue resolved and we don't know how long the delays are specifically but expect them to be good ones in the daly city area. all right here's a live look outside on the roads. no problems this morning coming into san francisco. we're able to clear that stall eastbound 80 by southbound 101. the bridge traffic also moving at the speed limit. and a heads-up there was a major injury crash highway 1 is still shut down for a stretch in half-moon bay. we're working on getting nor pope calls but -- more phone calls but working on this and again closed between beanies and key hoe avenue. back to you. thank you. it has been a violent night in ukraine. clashes broke out between riot police and anti-government
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protestors. opposition leaders say several protestors were hurt when police tore down small tent encampments that were blocking access to government buildings in kiev. a much larger protest site in independence square was not raided. they were angry at the government from turning away from a european union bailout. in florida, george zimmerman's girlfriend is formally asked prosecutors to drop a domestic violence case against him. zimmerman was arrested last month after the two had a heated fight. prosecutors say they can still pursue the charges. but they'd be difficult to prove without the accuser's cooperation. it's the latest brush with the law for george zimmerman since his acquittal in the trayvon martin shooting case. and check out this toy pistol was seized at st. louis airport for looking just a little too real. the tiny toy belonged to the cowboy sock monkey. this woman had them in a carry- on bag with some sewing
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supplies, she was embarrassed after a tsa agent threatened to call the police. at the end though, nobody was called the woman got her sewing items back but not the gun. a couple at a newly opened mcdonald's in arizona started a fight when their order wasn't right. the entire argument was over hash browns. when the food arrived without them the smiths got upset. well, michael smith says when workers would not hand back the food or provide a refund he called 911 and then caulked behind -- walked behind the counter to confront the manager. >> i just was barely able to hold myself back. if not for the operator calling me back i probably would have went berserk on them. >> police arrived and cited the couple for assault and disorderly conduct. the store has been only about for about a month. that while the new employees may have made a mistake they didn't deserve such a hostile reaction. do you have a friend who's posting photos of everything they eat? well, kpix 5's consumer watch reporter julie watts says
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believe it or not, those instagram picks could help you lose weight. >> reporter: it's often referred to as food porn. pictures of decadent doze certificates and other dishes meant to make your mouth water. >> now i'm hungry. >> i want to try that. >> reporter: but the power of pictures can go both ways, it's called the instagram diet. look at pictures of foods you love. over and over again. and you could actually end up eating he has. >> it's really interesting because we eat with a lot of senses. >> reporter: boston university professor blake says the concept needs more study but the premise is promising. >> when people look at pictures and they are really looking at the food and almost mentally tasting the food, it could have that impact like they've consumed it already. and they decrease the excitement of it when they go to eat it. >> reporter: in the study, volunteers who were shown pictures of salty foods like chips and fries ate less of them than those who were shown
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photos of sweets. the study's author says it was sensory boredom. you move on. >> looking at the picture definitely would not satisfy a craving. >> reporter: but no matter how good the food porn, it's not enough to satisfy the skeptics. >> not me. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. >> another study found the someone imagined eating m&ms one at a time and savored each one they ended up eating fewer than someone who just opened the package and dug in. celebrating the life and legacy of nelson mandela as the mix of royalty, statesmen and celebrities joined tens of thousands to honor mr. mandela. >> but first one child's mission could save nasa. what he's doing to get the president's attention. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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idaho. the dozens of dogs rescued in california are now on their way to idaho. the front street animal shelter in sacramento says it typically takes in about 10,000 animals a year. and the shelter refuses to euthanize if it's a time or space issue. and in this case, a nonprofit organization called wings of rescue is making sure the dogs will be saved. >> we get a second chance at a life. so we did hire this aircraft that cost about $9,500 firefighter flight but we're -- for the flight but we're saving 80 dogs. >> they are now on their way to idaho humane society where there's a high demand for small canines. search for life on mars is turning up some good news. it's the strongest evidence yet that a fresh water lake may have existed on the red planet. science journal says the nasa curiosity rover made the
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discovery in a large crater. for decades though scientists have known there was water on mars but now they know it could have been fresh water to sustain life. the lake existed more than 3.5 billion years ago. speaking of space a youngster from colorado is now on a mission to save nasa. >> 6-year-old conner johnson started a petition on the white house website after he found out about funding caughts to the -- cuts to the space program. if too many are made his dream of becoming an astronaut could be crushed. >> well, i would be very sad. nasa's mostly the only space station -- space company i've known for a very long time. >> the petition already has more than 8,000 signatures. 100,000 signatures are needed to get a response from the white house. 4:56 right now. the search for six family members missing in northern nevada grows more desperate by the minute. the challenges facing rescuers and their families. >> and today, the world says good-bye to nelson mandela.
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and even through the rain south africans are singing and celebrating his life. we'll take you live to his memorial service. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the biggest event that south africa will ever see. >> today the world celebrates the life of nelson mandela. world leaders joined 90,000 joyous south africans in the ring to honor mandela's legacy. >> layers upon layers upon layers. without layers and mittens and the whole thing. >> keep out the heavy jackets scarves and hats, we're in for another day of bitterly cold temperatures. automation is becoming a growing concern globally in aviation. >> a two day hearing n into the july -- into the july plane crash that killed three girls at sfo was supposed to begin today but bad weather at the nation's capital shut down the federal government for the day. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on cbs kpix 5 news this morning. good morning everyone, it's tuesday, december 10th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 and once again, it's chilly. here's lawrence with more. ea


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